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Dia-Plus G7
Sales price: $ 79.97
Manufacturer: Diadent

DIA-Plus G7 is the innovative 7th Generation bonding agent that offers superior and consistent bonding results on dentin and enamel with one bottle, one coat self-etching bonding agent system.

DIA-Plus G7 benefits

  • Has Etch, Desensitize, Prime and Bond all with One-Bottle, One-Coat bonding system and no separate etching
  • Fast 3 Steps (less than 35 seconds) reduces the risk of contamination
  • Offer a tight and long-lasting bond between light-cured composite and both enamel and dentin by a highly advanced formulation whether wet or dry on dentin and enamel
  • Strong and tight bond to dentin and enamel is offered by 4-MET monomer for adhesive to dentin and Phosphoric Acid Ester Monomer for superior bonding strength to enamel
  • Consistent and a long term bond strength with the unique Nano-Filler
  • Remarkable thin bonding layer less than 10㎛ offers a frosty surface for much easier application of the first composite layer

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