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MK-dent Prime Line Handpieces Power Head 20W - Fibre Optic
Sales price: $ 1265.00
Fits For

Manufacturer: MK-Dent
Made in Germany
Buy 3 Handpeces and receive 1 FREE

MK-dent’s Prime Line Handpieces (High Speed Turbines) are available for KaVo®, W&H®, NSK® and Sirona® Coupling systems. Incredibly Silent MK-Dent’s new Prime Line high speed turbines have raised the bar with its incredibly low operating noise level at only 55dB.

Premium Spindle . Fibre Optic . Power Head , 20 W , 4 Spray , Ceramic Beering . Self Acting Pressure reduction . Non Return Valve .

A. Fits KaVo "Multiflex"®* Coupling System - HP21KL
B. Fits Sirona "R/F"®* Coupling System  -  HC9021S
C.Fits W&H "Roto Quick"®* Coupling System  -  HC9021W
D. Fits NSK "FlexiQuik"®* Coupling System  - HC9021NT 
E. Fits BienAir®* Coupling System  - HC9021B


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