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ANTHOGYR Torq Control - Universal Torque wrench
Sales price: $ 924.00
Manufacturer: Anthogyr
Made in France

Torq Control - Universal Torque wrench

Optimize the tightening of your prosthetic constructions in total safety.The success of the implant treatment depends on the precise tightening of the parts placed directly on the implant. A pre-stressed tightening of the screw will help avoid any risk of screw loosening. Also, high tightening torques may lead to screw fracture. A calibrated tightening can only be guaranteed through the use of a precision instrument offering a torque control system. The dynamo metrical manual wrench Torque Control® has been specially designed by Anthogyr to meet those requirements. Features Universal Torque Wrench • Recommended with any type of implants High Precision • It can withstand sterilization (in an autoclave at 135° C) One piece design with smooth surface to limit bacterial retention.

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