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Sales price: $ 990.00

Manufacturer: Anthogyr
Made in France

A. (10200X) Contra-angle 1:1 BLUE Band (Non - Optic)

B. (10200XL) Contra-angle 1:1 BLUE Band (Fibre Optic)

C. (10000X) Speed increasing 1:5 RED Band (Non - Optic)

D. (10000XL) Speed increasing 1:5 RED Band (Fibre Optic)

E. (10300X) Speed reduction 5:1 GREEN Band (Non -Optic)

F. (10300XL) Speed reduction 5:1 GREEN Band (Fibre Optic)

ANTHOGYR Mont Blanc: Specifications: RED speed increasing 1:5 for FG burs ø 1.6mm BLUE 1:1 for burs ø 2.35mm GREEN speed reducer 5:1 for burs ø 2.35mm • THE SMALLEST HEAD ON THE MARKET : ONLY 13,75 MM! Only for the 1:5 The small head allows for greater visibility and easier access in the mouth. • ANTI-PARTICLE FILTER Avoidance of dirt particles and blockages in the spray channels. • QUIET OPERATION Due to high quality components. • QUADRUPLE SPRAYS OUTLET The Mont Blanc® range is fitted with 4 spray outlets for excellent tool and tooth cooling. It also prevents the instrument from overheating. • CERAMIC BEARINGS Only for the 1:5 Ceramic bearings are harder than conventional stainless steel bearings, and only half the weight. Lower friction results in heat free operation, especially at high speeds and contributes to longer handpiece life. • CELLULAR GLASS OPTICS LIGHTING The Mont Blanc® contra-angle is fitted with cellular glass optics with 25 000 LUX light output, providing well-lit working area. • LIGHTWEIGHT Only 67g due to optimisation and integration of titanium components. • OPTIMAL HANDGRIP The design and the ergonomics of the Mont Blanc® range offer the practitioner ideal comfort. • NEW ! EASY CONNECTION Connects with easily retractable and flexible catch. • I COAT® COATING The surface treatment creates a durable surface with ideal roughness for optimal handgrip even during long surgical procedures. •

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