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Terumo Dental Needle
Sales price: $ 15.00


Terumo Dental Needle, Single Use

Wide selection of sizes for optimal length. The ultra-sharp LANCET POINT minimizes pain and discomfort and eliminates the need for a surface anaesthesia prior to injection.  The high-tensile TERUMO needle is difficult to break even if the patient moves violently during the injection. The needle hub screws directly onto the syringe. It will neither come off accidently nor leak.

Bevel indicator: The arrow on the hub allows you to align the bevel of the needle for easier insertion.

The colour-coded sealing label provides instant identification of needle gauge and facilitates inventory control.

Box 100


A. 25G X 21mm - 158000

B. 25G X 41mm - 158001

C. 27G X 22mm - 158002

D. 27G X 35mm - 158003

E. 27G X 41mm - 158004

F. 30G X 13mm - 158005

G. 30G X 22mm - 158006



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